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Welcome to the Chancel Choir! 

Whether you are a seasoned professional singer or a novice, we are glad you are here! We are a part of the Worship & Arts Ministry of MPC  and are ambassadors for Christ  wherever we go.

Chancel Choir rehearses from 7-9 pm every Thursday evening and sings at the 11:00 service and sometimes the 9:15 as well. In addition to singing on Sunday, we also...

  • Perform alongside  visiting artists, such as Keith and Kristyn Getty, Mark Hayes, Michael Card, Jeremy Casella, Ken Medema, and the Trinity Jazz Orchestra
  • Perform seasonal concerts, both at our own church and other local venues.
  • Perform seasonal musicals and drama productions.
  • Perform with a variety of soloists and ensembles, both professional and volunteer.
  • Perform with guest choirs, and host touring choirs.
  • Sing at community events.
  • Participate in outreach events with the whole church.

Rehearsal information: Rehearsals are from 7 to 9 pm on Thursday nights. This time includes warm-ups, rehearsal, and prayer time. 

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