Partners Within Our Community

Local Outreach Partners

We partner with a number of organizations within the Greater Pittsburgh Area and Western Pennsylvania to reach out within our community. Our partners include:
  • Allegheny Youth Development
  • China Outreach Ministry
  • Coalition for Christian Outreach
  • Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
  • Ligonier Camp and Conference Center
  • New City Commons
  • North Hills Community Outreach
  • Open Door Church
  • Garfield Community Farm
  • Open Hands Ministry
  • Pittsburgh Project
  • Prism
  • Urban Impact
  • Women's Choice Network
  • Young Life
With these partners, we have several opportunities to get involved that are organized through the church. You can also get in touch with Rev. Paul Housman, Pastor of Outreach, to find out how you can make a direct impact with these organizations.

Ways to Get Involved

Memorial Park organizes annual and on-going outreach projects for a number of our local partners, which provide a variety options for you to get involved locally. Some of our projects are:
Compassion Day: a day of service to our local community neighbors.
Food Bank Sunday: an annual food drive benfitting North Hills Community Outreach.
Garage Giveaway: a collection of household items for international students through PRISM.
The Giving Tree: Christmas gifts provided for families in need, beginning in November.
Men in Action: completing handy-man projects for people in need. Contact Jeff McManus and Scott Kurtz for details.
Light of Life Ministries, Inc.: a variety of projects serving a homeless community in the North Side of Pittsburgh. 
Living in Liberty: ministering to victims of human trafficking in Pittsburgh.
Nursing Home Ministry: vistation to local nursing homes for worship services.
Women's Choice Network Baby Bottle Campaign: annual fundraiser to benefit the unborn. Contact Michele Holmes, Director of Women's Ministries for details.
New Hope Church Clothing Drive: collecting kids' clothing for underpriveleged families.


Compassion Day

Here at Memorial Park, we strive to show God's love both within our congregation and outside in our community! Each year, we celebrate our year-round efforts with a day of compassion. This year, Compassion Day is scheduled for May 5! Join us in reaching beyond our church doors by finding someone within our community that needs some of God's love and compassion.

Do you know someone who needs a bit of compassion in their lives? We challenge you to look to neighbors, places you drive past each day, a friend of a friend... anyone who may need a bit of compassion. Let us know where you'd like to go. We'd love to help!

Contact Paul Housman, Pastor of Outreach, with information on where you want to go so we can reach beyond.

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