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Teaching compassion, caring for others: We are committed to increasing awareness of our students for others who may be in need. Our efforts begin in the classrooms and extend far around the globe. Here are just some of our partners.

 Each year, we conduct a shoe drive of new and gently used shoes under the leadership of www. Check out their website be inspired with the work aimed at putting shoes on the feet of African children. This past October we sent more than 10,320 pairs (most of them brand new)! Our children can comprehend the need for shoes so this becomes a very tangible way to teach and model caring “for the least of these.”

 Bottles of children’s vitamins are collected and delivered by mission teams to children in the Villa Hermosa area of the Dominican Republic.

 Children have the opportunity to shop in our Christmas Store for family members and friends.  Proceeds are used to buy gift cards (Giant Eagle, Target, etc.) for preschool families in need.

 Near Valentine’s Day we solicit toilet paper, cereal, peanut butter, and canned goods for either the North Hills Community Outreach Center Food Bank (an MPC mission partner) or The Light House in Southern Bulter County.

Late Spring
 We provide hundreds of books for summer programs offered in the urban Pittsburgh area.

Brazil Preschool (see below) - Perhaps our favorite partnership is the long-established relationship that we have with Hands United Preschool in Vera Cruz, Brazil. About a decade ago, our Director, Jan Moreth, was part of a mission team to Brazil. Jan returned from an August 2015 trip to Vera Cruz to celebrate our 15-year partnership in ministering to preschoolers. In addition to sharing unique physical resources, some teacher training was done for the staff that required MUCH patience on the part of the translator (our Brazilian partners speak Portuguese!) But the language barrier was easily overcome by the love we share with fellow staff members there. We’ve learned through the years that prayer goes well horizontally as well as vertically!

Brazil preschool student Herberson and Nidja.

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