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GOT SHOES? Memorial Park Christian Preschool is again partnering with the overseas relief group, Soles for Jesus, to collect new and gently used shoes that will make a life-changing difference in the life of children and adults in about 30 African countries. These shoes are a blessing to the people and a tool that opens doors for sharing the Gospel. Boxes are located outside of the preschool wing hall door, in the Hub, and in the entryway of the Clayton Center for shoe collection. Visit the Soles for Jesus website or Facebook page and be inspired.

Ways you can help:

  • Sort through your shoes at home and bring in gently used pairs (please rubber band or tie each pair together);
  • Browse the clearance racks in various stores;
  • Write a check out to to help defray shipping costs (drop off in the office or offering plate).
  • Consider your sphere of influence (family/neighborhood/school/work place) and how you can publicize this shoe drive as an extension of what we’re doing here.

Last year we shipped over 10,000+ pairs of shoes that are now on the feet of African children. Another 5,000 shipped in July 2017. What can we do this year?

Thanks to all who supported the October 2016 shoe drive!

2 + 2, plus another 2, plus. . .On and on went the count of new and gently worn shoes brought to the church and preschool during our month-long collection of shoes for Soles for Jesus. All of those pairs totaled 10,320 pairs – a record high number of shoes collected. Dads loaded these on Nov. 19 and they were delivered the following week to Milwaukee warehouse!   This outreach couldn’t take place without the concerted effort of many generous donors, the compassionate of numerous families who inventoried their shoes at home and served as drop-off points in their neighborhoods for more shoes, the labor of preschool dads who transferred the boxes from storage to the waiting tractor trailer truck, and the financial blessing of those who donated funds to advance the shoes from Milwaukee to Africa. Three African countries are very close to having their paperwork done to receive shoes, so our shipment will likely be headed to one of those countries.

Two collection boxes are available to receive shoes.  One sits to the left of the butterfly garden doors and the other is next to the interior hallway entrance to the preschool!

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