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Church Officers

A Congregational and Corporation Meeting is Called for December 6, 2020.

A meeting of the entire congregation is called for Sunday, December 6, immediately following the 9:00 AM worship service in the Sanctuary. The business will be: review/vote on the proposed amendments to our Congregation By-Laws and Corporation By-Laws officially allowing MPC to conduct virtual meetings when needed due to extenuating circumstances, as well as the election of church officers beginning service in 2021.

See the Proposed By-Law Changes

2021 Elder & Deacon Nominees

See the Nominees & Bios

2020 Session

Rick Corliss (clerk)
Paula Allan
Tom Anewalt (elder emeritus)
Dave Butler
Joe Cafaro
Joshua Dadeboe
Rev. Dr. Kevin A. Gourley
Carol Kjellman
Steve Little
Dave Moran
Chris O'Rourke
Amanda Rihn
Rev. Betsy Rumer
Karl Sauereisen
Corky Semler
Kevin Steele
Rev. Dr. D. Dean Weaver
Greg Wilson
Jenny Wolff

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Clerk of Session, Rick Corliss


2020 Board of Deacons

Kathy Fenton (Moderator of Leadership Team)
Curt Powell (Vice-Moderator of Leadership Team)
Erin Butler (Secretary of Leadership Team)
Jim Stoof (Treasurer of Leadership Team)
Shirley Crawford (Chair of Care Team)
Janell Butorac (Co-chair of Fellowship Team)
Kelly Gronbeck (Co-chair of Fellowship Team)
Tracy Weller (Co-chair of Fellowship Team)
Mary Lou Leibold (Co-chair of Sanctuary Team)
Lynn Sekeres-Sosovicka (Co-chair of Sanctuary Team)
Bob Kildea (Chair of Welcome Team)
Alisha Belack
Laurie Brown
Melissa Bucci
Rob Burton
Matt Degnan
Chris Fenton
Claudia Fraser
Deb Gallo
Steve Kimmel
Carole Klocko
Karen Kurtz
Scot Kurtz
Heather McAnich
Terri Morris
Tim Molnar
Airong Park
Kathy Patton
Curt Powell
Jen Profovich
Lynne Rackley
Alexis Rose
Michelle Scott
Stacie Sebeck
Jocy Waibel
Patrick Ward
Ted Weller

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