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Church Officers

Nominees for the Office of Elder and Deacon are in! The list of nominees is as follows:

Nominees for the Office of Elder
Patty Hildenbrand, Class of 2024*
Geoff Holmes, Class of 2024
John O’Master, Class of 2024*
Laura Roy, Class of 2024
The following elders are accepting an additional three-year term: Dave Butler and Joshua Dadeboe. Safwat Habashi will serve as our Elder Emeritus for 2021.

Nominees for the Office of Deacon
Carolyn Cafaro, Class of 2024*
Andrew Clouse, Class of 2022*
John Gourley, Class of 2024*
Karen Kowalski, Class of 2024
Harry Lydic, Class of 2024*
Kendall Solkovy, Class of 2022*
Linda Semler, Class of 2024*
Kelsey Steele, Class of 2024*
Katie Sullivan, Class of 2024*
Jennifer Wissner, Class of 2024*
The following deacons are accepting an additional three-year term: Karen and Scot Kurtz, Tim Molnar, Albert Sebeck, and Patrick Ward; and the following deacons are accepting an additional one-year term Kelly Gronbeck, Heather McAninch, and Lynn Sosovicka.

Read the Bios
Rick Corliss (clerk)
Paula Allan
Carol Anewalt (elder emeritus)
Dave Butler
Joe Cafaro
Joshua Dadeboe
Rev. Dr. Kevin A. Gourley
Sonja Kassouf
Carol Kjellman
Jeff McManus
Dave Moran
Chris O'Rourke
Amanda Rihn
Rev. Betsy Rumer
Karl Sauereisen
Corky Semler
Kevin Steele
Jenny Wolff

Contact Clerk of Session []

Clerk of Session, Rick Corliss
Scot Kurtz (Moderator of Leadership Team)
Heather McAninch (Vice-Moderator of Leadership Team)
Erin Butler (Secretary of Leadership Team)
Patrick Ward (Treasurer of Leadership Team)
Kathy Fenton (Co-chair of the Care Team)
Steve Kimmel (Co-chair of the Care Team)
Kelly Gronbeck (Co-chair of Fellowship Team)
Carole Klocko (Co-chair of Fellowship Team)
Tim Molnar (Chair of Sanctuary Team)
Rob Burton (Chair of Welcome Team)
Shirley Crawford
Chris Fenton
Gary Floccari
Claudia Fraser
Deb Gallo 
Deb Gasparich 
Susan Himrod
Melissa Karidis
Bob Kildea
Addie Klocko
Karen Kurtz
Mary Lou Leibold
Will Mensch
Terri Morris
Jen Profovich
Lynne Rackley
Jen Russell
Michelle Scott
Albert Sebeck
Stacie Sebeck
Lynn Sekeres-Sosovicka
Jim Stoof
Jocy Waibel
Ted Weller 
Tracy Weller

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