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Groups & Classes for Adults

Adult Classes

Memorial Park Church places a high value on spiritual growth. Our desire is to meet people where they are in their faith development and to engage them in an intentional discipleship ministry that is both inwardly strong and outwardly focused, moving them to greater maturity in their relationship with Christ. We offer a selection of Adult Classes on Sunday mornings in six sessions. Weekday classes are also available through other ministries.

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Current Class Offerings
Classes below are held on Sunday mornings at 10:10 AM during our Discipleship Hour.
Session 1 runs from September-October. Registration begins in late August, classes begin in early September. 

Going Deeper Into the Sermon (In Person)
Instructors: Dr. Tara Gunther
Class begins September 11, runs for 4 weeks
This sermon series explores how we continue to seek fulfillment and peace through the world which has only left us feeling more anxious and empty than ever. True peace is found only through Jesus. After each sermon in this series, Dr. Gunther will explore practical steps for us to apply the message and build skills in managing anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed in our modern culture.

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Finding Purpose When Life Doesn't Make Sense
Instructor: Rick Corliss
Class begins September 11, runs for 8 weeks
You think you make good life decisions. You always want those decisions to align with God's road map for your life. Yet, you are encountering unexpected detours & distractions as everyday life happens. Did you miss something? Let’s look at Joseph and see how God diverted Joseph’s life, tested his resolve, delayed his desires, and tried his faith through hardships, adversity and suffering. We will discover Joseph’s work ethic, choices under pressure, his burden for his nation, his heart faith, and his legacy. God devoted 14 chapters of Genesis for Joseph’s story to make sure we know He has our plan in place and assure us He is walking with us.

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Habits of the Household
Instructors: Carly Taylor
Class begins September 11, runs for 8 weeks
Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, God parent, or parent in Christ, we invite you to join this session to read and discuss Habits of the Household by Justin Whitmel Earley. Together, we might discover meaning in the daily chaos of raising children and learn to practice the story of God in our everyday rhythms. From the author: “If you’re anything like me, you find your days infiltrated by chaos. The daily chaos of dishes and dusting, laundry and brushing teeth. With two young kids, just the task of supplying snacks seems like a full time job in and of itself right now. And each new stage brings new challenges and chaos. I love the satisfaction of crossing these tasks off my list. But what if there is more to them than just another item to check? What if there was formative power in these tasks? What if, by leaning in, these tasks could form me into the likeness of Christ and provide space for my family to encounter Him?” 

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Christopher Class (In-Person)
Instructor: John & Rhea Christopher
Class continues May 1
There are many books about prayer. However, John White in Daring to Draw Near takes a different approach to study the subject. In his book, he presents Bible studies of characters who knew how to pray. As we listen to their prayers, what can we learn from these experts, who include Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, Daniel, Job, Paul, and Jesus? (Books may be purchased from IV Press,, or Amazon).

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Pugliese Class: Effective Discipleship While Persevering in Faith (In-Person)
Instructor: Pete Pugliese
Class continues May 1
More than ever, effective discipleship while persevering in faith is essential to the health of anyone who proclaims to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Our time in His word is what helps prepare us to take on the challenges before us. The world is in need of the gospel. The hope that it offers is life giving. Are we ready to take this message into the world? We must live into the gospel if we are going to be voices for the gospel.

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Session 2 runs from November-December. Registration begins in late October, classes begin in early November. 
Session 3 runs from January-February. Registration begins in late December, classes begin in early January.

Session 4 runs from March-April. Registration begins in late February, classes begin in early March. 

Session 5 runs from May-June. Registration begins mid-April. 

Session 6 runs from July-August. Registration opens mid-June. 

Celebration of Spiritual Disciplines
Instructor: Varies by week
Class begins July 10, runs for 7 weeks
Have you ever wanted a richer spiritual life? One that offers joy, peace, and a deeper understanding of God? If so, then join this class as we explore and celebrate the spiritual disciplines.

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Christopher Class
Instructor: John & Rhea Christopher
Class continues July 10
James Montgomery Boice indicates, "Few portions of Scripture have been so challenging to me as the Minor Prophets. It is because they speak so directly and powerfully to present sins. It is just not possible to read them carefully without having one's life challenged and without determining to go out and live differently." We will continue our study of the Minor Prophets this session.

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Pugliese Class: Effective Discipleship While Persevering in Faith
Instructor: Pete Pugliese
Class continues July 10
Effective Discipleship While Persevering in Faith Summer Session: As we work through 1 Thessalonians, chapters 4-5 we will be looking at how we as Christians need to live in a culture opposed to Christianity. Theologian Francis Shaeffer once asked this question, "How then shall we live." This will be a question we revisit regularly.

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Weekday Classes
Women's Classes
Looking for a weekday class? Take a look at the Women's Ministries offerings for classes like Wednesday's Women to Women, and Mug & Muffin.

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Seniors' Classes
We have class opportunities for our Senior members, too! Take a look at the latest Seniors' Class offerings.

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Re|Engage Marriage Class
Re|Engage is a 18-week marriage enrichment program that examines God's design for marriage and applies principles from the Bible to guide couples towards growth in their relationship with each other. Marriages in any condition can benefit, whether you are struggling to get along, your marriage is broken, or you simply want to grow closer together as a couple. This program generally begins in January.

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LIFE Groups

God created us to enjoy relationships! We are all born with a deep need to know and be known. God’s design for us has wired us to want vibrant and growing connection with Him and each other, so it’s natural that we grow deeper in our faith and in abundant, joyful living when we live life together. LIFE Groups are a place to learn from God’s Word and each other, and gives us a place to belong.

Living in community in the form of groups has been a longstanding value of Memorial Park Church. We offer two pathways to help you get connected: by starting a LIFE Group or joining a LIFE Group. Our active list of groups changes often, so if we don't already have a group that meets your availability, consider attending a starter group during a Life Group Launch!

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LIFE Group Resources

Find resources for LIFE Group leaders to help develop community for yourself and others in an atmosphere of mutual discipleship. 

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