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Adult Class Opportunities

Memorial Park Church places a high value on spiritual growth. Our desire is to meet people where they are in their faith development and to engage them in an intentional discipleship ministry that is both inwardly strong and outwardly focused, moving them to greater maturity in their relationship with Christ. Our purpose is to seek together how we can live out our Christian faith more practically. The goal is not just to inform our minds but to transform our hearts, so that we can look more like Jesus in our thinking, acting and feeling. We offer a new selection of Adult Classes throughout the year in six sessions. Additional classes through our various ministries are also offered throughout the year.
Class Sessions
Session 1 September-October (registration begins in late August, classes begin early September)
Session 2 November-December (registration begins in late October, classes begin in early November)
Session 3 January-February (registration begins in late December, classes begin in early January)
Session 4 March-April (registration begins in late February, classes begin in early March)
Session 5 May-June (registration begins in late April, classes begin in early May)
Session 6 July-August (registration begins in late June, classes begin in early July)

Current Class Offerings

Below you will find our current adult class offerings. These classes are held on Sunday mornings during our dedicated Discipleship Hour at 10:10 a.m. Stay after service or come early to engage in one of these classes that will help you grow in your faith.
Going Deeper Through Sermon Study: Messianic Psalms
Begins March 1, Runs for 6 Weeks
Instructor: Martha Daniel, Minister to Families
This class is designed for those who long to go deeper in their understanding of the Bible. Utilizing the sermon of the week, this class will undertake a more detailed exposition of the scripture text.

Proverbs: Wisdom for Everyday Life
Begins March 1, Runs for 6 Weeks
Instructor: Robert Burton
The book of Proverbs is the world's greatest treasury of wisdom. It offers practical insights for day-to-day decisions and provides moral guidelines for living in an immoral world. As you unearth the riches of Proverbs, you will discover why "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" for all the affairs of everyday life. This book is set up for 6 sessions of study on Proverbs.

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When God Doesn't Fix It
Begins March 1, Runs for 6 Weeks
Instructor: Elder Roger Rumer
Have you ever wondered why God allows difficult or just plain bad things to happen to us? If so, this course may be for you. Worship leader and recording artist Laura Story's life was never the same after her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Although the fairy-tale life Laura had dreamed of was no longer possible, it was in struggling with God about how to live with broken dreams that she found joy and a deeper intimacy with Jesus. Laura helps us understand we aren't the only ones whose lives have taken unexpected turns. She examines the brokenness of some of the heroes of our faith, and shows how despite their flaws and flawed stories, God was able to use them in extraordinary ways. And it was not because of their faith, but because of the faithfulness of their God. God may not fix everything. In fact, although your situation might not ever change or get better, with Jesus you can.
Format: DVD-based video instruction with small-group style interaction with the recommended study guide

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Men's Class: Romans
Begins Continues March 1, meets for 6 weeks
Instructor: Elder Rick Corliss
This men's class will expand on the study of the latter half of the Letter to the Romans, where Paul gives practical advice about what it means to follow Christ. This class is open to all men, even those who did not participate last session. We are also giving a special invite to the fathers of our high school students who will be studying the same material in their class in hopes of promoting deeper conversations at home.
Effective Discipleship While Persevering in Faith 
Continues March 1, Ongoing
Instructor: Elder Pete Pugliese
This class focuses on the powerful verses found in Thessalonians and related scriptures that will assist us in our growth as disciples of Jesus Christ while we look to live in a way that glorifies God

The 1 & 2 Peter and Jude
Continues March 1, Ongoing
Instructor: Rhea Christopher
This class is an inductive Bible Study of the books of 1 & 2 Peter, and Jude.

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Going Deeper Through Sermon Study: 1 & 2 Peter
Begins April 26, runs for 8 Weeks
Instructor: Rev. Dr. Kevin Gourley
This class is designed for those who long to go deeper in their understanding of the Bible. Utilizing the sermon of the week, this class will undertake a more detailed exposition of the scripture text. This class will be held with Zoom meetings. Sign up for your free Zoom account here.

Membership Inquiry Class
Begins April 26, runs for 8 weeks
Instructor: Jason Scott, Connections Coordinator
Curious about Memorial Park, but not quite ready to commit as a member? Are you considering church membership? This eight week class is for you! Our Membership Inquiry Class is a great opportunity to ask questions, learn more about Memorial Park Church, and find out if we are the right fit for you. This class will be held with Zoom meetings. Sign up for your free Zoom account here.
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Women's Classes
Looking for a weekday class? Take a look at the Women's Ministries offerings for classes like Sunday School on Monday, Women to Women, and Mug & Muffin.
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Seniors' Classes
We have class opportunities for our Senior members, too! Take a look at the latest Seniors' Class offerings.
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EPIC Workshop
Join us our monthly workshop that will give you the tools to manage your finances better so that you can live an EPIC life filled with peace, security, and generosity. Each month we bring in outside experts to discuss a wide range of financial concepts that we encounter throughout our lives. Our classes meet the second Saturday of every month at 10:00 a.m. We will be breaking up our classes into two components this year: EPIC Core and EPIC Focus. The EPIC Core will cover basic topics like budgeting while EPIC Focus will cover specialty topics such as retirement, college planning, and more. Core and Focus classes will be offered in alternating months. There is no charge for these classes, but please register so that we can have materials ready for you. Childcare is available, but you MUST register no later than the Monday before the class so that we can schedule adequate staff. For questions, contact Cathy Pavlock at

Upcoming dates and topics include:

May 9, EPIC Core: Vacation Budgeting
June 13, EPIC Focus: Social Security & Medicare

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