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Africa Missions

Mission Partners in Africa

Memorial Park is a missional-focused church, which means we are dedicated to coming alongside other Christian missionaries and non-profits to offer our help in supporting the work and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. While we offer financial support, we also have missions teams that personally travel to serve with our mission partners each year. Africa is just one of several places across the globe where MPC supports mission partners. We work together with these individuals and organizations to enrich the lives of those they touch.

Pastor Thomas Kargobai, Rokassa, Sierra Leone, West Africa

Rokassa is a Muslim village in a remote part of Sierra Leone. EduNations built a Christian school that now has over 300 students attending. In addition to the school, MPC, EduNations, and a few other churches have provided them with:

  • Clean water
  • Latrines
  • A clinic 
  • A pastor
  • A junior and senior secondary school

The EPC hired a young Sierra Leonean Mission Evangelist named Thomas Kargobai to serve the village. Pastor Thomas is married to Mariama and they have a young daughter named Thomasella. Since his hiring, Pastor Thomas has made great inroads into this 100% Muslim village with approximately 80 Muslim converts to date. Each of them has been baptized by Pastor Dean and Pastor Betsy as well as other EPC pastors over these last few years. MPC has "adopted" Rokassa and Pastor Thomas in this exciting unreached area of the world! Contact Pastor Thomas Kargobai 

EduNations, Sierra Leone, West Africa

Motivated by compassion for “the least of these,” EduNations gives forgotten children tangible reasons to hope. Together we build and operate schools in Sierra Leone, West Africa. In addition to free Christian-based education in this largely Muslim country, EduNations brings clean water, health care and community development to remote and under resourced areas that are very open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With 98 Ebola orphans in our schools, there has never been a more crucial time to change the life of a child. A learning child is a healthy child, so our new partnership with Jericho Road community Health to operate our clinic in the village or Rokassa is a highly strategic relationship that invests in the well-being of an entire chiefdom. Rescuing even one child enriches a whole community, which strengthens a nation. By helping to educate forgotten children today, we create a brighter future for the nations of tomorrow. Contact EduNations or Visit their Website

Yohani Kayinamura, PhD., Umuryango Children's Network, Inc., Rwanda

Umuryango Children’s Network (Umuryango: means “family” in Kinyarwanda) is a non-profit Christian organization. Their mission is to transform the street children commonly known as “Mayibobo” from isolated outcasts into productive, fully integrated members of the community. By placing the street children in family homes where their emotional, spiritual and physical needs are met, and by equipping them with education and marketable skills, we hope to permanently transform these precious children from Rwanda’s Mayibobo into ethical leaders who are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually whole. Umuryango Director and Founder, Yohani Kayinamura, asks MPC to pray that God will continue to bless the ministry as they devote their lives to saving the lives of the children by and for the glory of Christ Jesus. Contact Umuryango Children’s Network or Visit their Website