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Americas Missions

Mission Partners in the Americas

Memorial Park is a missional-focused church, which means we are dedicated to coming alongside other Christian missionaries and non-profits to offer our help in supporting the work and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. While we offer financial support, we also have missions teams that personally travel to serve with our mission partners each year. The Americas are just one of several places across the globe where we support mission partners. We work together with these individuals and organizations to enrich the lives of those they touch.
Pastor Arturo and Elizabeth Velasco, Alianza Christiana y Misionera A.R., Mexico
Pastor Arturo Velasco is the pastor of the Lion of Judah Church in Atizapan, Mexico, as well as the Coordinator of the Central Region Missions for the Mexican Christian and Missionary Alliance.

The Lion of Judah is a missional church and a sending church. The church members are very active and visible in the Atizapan community. Pastor Arturo and Elizabeth have also been instrumental in planting several churches int he mountainous regions outside of Mexico City. One missionary sent out by the Lion of Judah is Dr. Luis Hurtado, who is also a mission partner with Memorial Park.

Please pray for Lion of Judah, that the church will continue to grow in numbers and influence in the community so that Jesus will be glorified near and far. Contact Pastor Arturo and Elizabeth Velasco.

Dr. Luis and Karla Hurtado, Alianza Christiana y Misionera A.R., Mexico
Luis and Karla work with the Pame people, an indigenous group that lives in the Eastern Sierra Madre in Mexico. The Pame have their own language, culture, and mindset. They live in remote villages in the mountain range, where they lack many services like a water system, telephones, roads, and medical aid. Their limited understanding of the Spanish language and their high rate of illiteracy make it difficult for them to develop and even understand the Bible and Christian doctrine.

Luis gives medical aid to the Pame in El Huizachal, and in nearby villages. He and Karla also seek to develop a healthy Pame Church through teaching, discipleship, and preaching. Pray that the Pame people would feel the love of Christ through the Hurtado family. Contact Dr. Luis and Karla Hurtado.

Diana Garrett, Mexico
Diana Garrett (Field Missionary) lives in Tuxpan, Veracruz on the Mexican Gulf Coast. She and Mirna Sotomayor are developing Camp Kikomar, which is a beautiful beachfront property on the Gulf of Mexico. They work with construction, team building, hosting groups, and establishing relationships with local churches and the indigenous people. Contact Diana Garrett.
Paco Pena, PROSIGUE, Mexico
PROSIGUE, formerly Children in Crisis has completed 28 years of service to the most vulnerable children in Mexico City, Mexico. PROSIGUE ministry:
  • rescues boys, girls, and adolescents living on the streets and seeks to prevent those at risk from doing so;
  • improves living conditions and promotes their integral development at the individual, family, social, and spiritual level within a framework of respect to their rights;
  • provides support to encourage a better quality of life for children working ont he streets so that they may develop their holistic potential within their community and as human beings. Contact PROSIGUE.

Mirna Sotomayor, United World Mission, Mexico
Mirna Sotomayor (Field Missionary) lives in Tuxpan, Veracruz on the Mexican Gulf Coast. She and Diana Garrett are developing Camp Kikomar, which is a beautiful beachfront property on the Gulf of Mexico. They work with construction, team building, hosting groups, and establishing relationships with local churches and the indigenous people. Contact Mirna Sotomayor.
Susan Grosser, Christ for the City International, Costa Rica
Susan leads a team of women who work int he town of Carpio, Costa Rica. She is fully funded without support from Memorial Park, and funds from Memorial Park are used to support the efforts of three wonderful women missionaries:

Dr. Edle Frugone is the medical director of the Carpio Christian Clinic. She started the clinic 20 years ago and has been serving faithfully ever since.

Dr. Shakira Brown is also a physician at Carpio Christian Clinic. In addition, she is the doctor who travels on the medical/evangelistic caravans to the Guaymi Indians in the southern part of Carpio.

Damaris Estrada leads a thriving ministry to women teaching sewing and crafts in Carpio and several other communities. She is used by God to minister to the women through daily devotionals, mentoring, and personal counseling.

Susan works as a nurse at the Carpio Christian Clinic, and leads children's Bible clubs, teachers Sunday School to a class of adolescents, leads a women's Bible study, and helps with short-term teams. Contact Susan Grosser.
Kyle and Claudia Zimmerman, Global Outreach International, Argentina
Kyle and Claudia Zimmerman are missionaries serving as support staff at La Mision, a small Presbyterian church in the southern part of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. La Mision is a small church with a big heart, ministering to the poorest of the poor. Kyle is the director of vocational and recycling classes offered in two different community centers in the city's shanty towns. Claudia is assisting and teaching leadership and Bible classes in the developing seminary at La Mision. Together they lead a college and young professionals small discipleship group, and are part of a church-planting team targeting that same population. Contact Kyle and Claudia Zimmerman.
Dr. Lisa Anderson-Umana, United World Mission, Honduras
Lisa grew up at Memorial Park and was sent out as a missionary with a Latin America Mission (now a ministry under United World Mission) in 1983. She has worked with Christian Camping her entire missionary career. Since 95% of camping is done by the local church, Lisa's role is to train church and para-church leaders to serve as counselors, program directors, and bible study curriculum writers. 

Over the years, Lisa and a team of Latin Americans have written an extensive curriculum to develop leaders, which is used in 12 countries of Latin America. Each of the 6 courses they have created entails an average of 150 hours of training and has proven to be deeply transformative.

Lisa and her husband, Alfredo, have two children: Valerie and Victor. Contact Dr. Lisa Anderson-Umana.