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Adult Baptisms

Baptism, whenever it happens, is at the heart of an amazing journey of faith as a Christ-follower. You are never too old to take this step. Being baptized as an adult is a wonderful experience!

You may have been baptized as a child or in a different Christian tradition, and there are always special ways to renew the promises that were made then in a new way as you discover more about what it means to live as a child of God and a believer in Jesus Christ. We do not re-baptize individuals, but we do offer baptism remembrances/affirmations. If you are looking for information on baptism remembrance options, contact us here.

Baptisms are a symbolic act that represents what has already happened internally in the life of a believer. We encourage you to consider where you are in your faith journey and whether being baptized as an adult is right for you.

A few points on what baptisms are:
  • Baptisms represent the life of the believer dying to self and being raised again in new life.
  • Baptisms are a public testimony of one’s personal faith in Jesus for salvation.
  • Baptisms are a public declaration that someone will live a new life in Christ.
What baptisms are not:
  • Baptisms are not instant salvation
  • Baptisms are not a magical act that wash away sin
  • Baptisms are not a rite of passage or a ritual to attain spiritual maturity
If you’re curious about baptisms, want to learn more, or are ready to be baptized, let us know!

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Infant Baptisms

We are delighted that you have chosen to have your child baptized at Memorial Park Church and look forward to celebrating this special event with you. Infant baptism can occur at any time during the year during the 9:00 AM Sunday service. At least one parent must be a member of Memorial Park Church. We are excited to share in this important milestone as a community of faith.

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Requirements & Baptism Teaching
  • Baptism candidates must be a member of Memorial Park Church, or for infant baptisms, at least one parent must be a member of Memorial Park Church.
  • As part of our baptism process, baptism candidates or parents of the child being baptized will participate in a Baptism teaching during a meeting with one of our pastors.