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Memorial Park Church Blog

Memorial Park Church Blog

Welcome to Memorial Park's blog! In the posts you'll find here, we'll cover a variety of topics about Christianity and every day life. Some of these will be the Big God Questions that will spark further discussion, others will be on how we can lead a Christian life each and every day. We hope you'll use this to spark conversation or dig deeper into living a Christ-filled life. 

Posts will be published here on the first of each month beginning in September 2021. Check back for more details or subscribe to our email list below.


New Year Commitments

What makes a good resolution for the New Year? Why not make your goal to begin or renew a relationship with Jesus? In this post, we talk about what a relationship with Jesus is, why it's important, and getting started.

Is the Bible Reliable?

Bible with highlighted passages
In the second post of our Good Questions series, we discuss the reliability of the Bible. Read more

Where did the Bible come from?

e-reader and Bible
Good Questions series: where did the Bible come from? Read more