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Memorial Park Church is a diverse community of Jesus-followers that has varied opportunities that are designed to engage each person’s interests and passions. We offer multiple ministry areas where you can get involved. Each ministry area hosts activities such as classes, bible studies, fellowship opportunities, and much more. Find out more about what our ministry areas offer for you!

For the Community

Our community is full of thought leaders, visionaries, movers and shakers that are working on big things to make this world a better place. Through our community engagement opportunities, we hope to give everyone an opportunity to hear the powerful messages and share the impactful tools our community experts have to offer. These opportunities are also here to create a space to get to know your community better, get inspired by the wisdom we each carry, and build bridges of connections. 

EPIC Workshop

Join us our monthly workshop that will give you the tools to manage your finances better so that you can live an EPIC life filled with peace, security, and generosity. Each month we bring in outside experts to discuss a wide range of financial concepts that we encounter throughout our lives. Our classes meet the second Saturday of every month at 10:00 a.m. We will be breaking up our classes into two components this year: EPIC Core and EPIC Focus. The EPIC Core will cover basic topics like budgeting while EPIC Focus will cover specialty topics such as retirement, college planning, and more. Core and Focus classes will be offered in alternating months. There is no charge for these classes, but please register so that we can have materials ready for you. Childcare is available, but you MUST register no later than the Monday before the class so that we can schedule adequate staff. For questions, contact Cathy Pavlock at

Upcoming dates and topics include:

November 9, EPIC Core: Christmas is NOT an Emergency!
December 14, EPIC Focus: College Planning
January 11, EPIC Core: Squeezing the Budget
February 8, EPIC Focus: Retirement Planning
March 14, EPIC Core: Introduction to Investing
April 11, EPIC Focus: Legal Documents Everyone Needs
May 9, EPIC Core: Vacation Budgeting
June 13, EPIC Focus: Social Security & Medicare

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Who Am I? 

A Pastoral Discussion on Identity & Sexuality
Helping Parents Handle the Hard Questions

Martha Daniel, Minister to Families for Memorial Park Church, has recently written a book entitled It’s Never too Early, which encourages parents to engage their children in matters of faith at the earliest possible age. This same principle applies to the conversation about contemporary cultural topics like identity and sexuality: it is never too early to talk to your children about who they are in Christ.

In the cultural moment of our time, several issues are pressing all levels of society to re-evaluate our reality. Social movements have raised a national consciousness of sexual abuse, gender equality, racism, as well as racial and ethnic pain and brokenness. Yet as we look at the changing social landscape, we see no issue more prevailing and polarizing than that of Identity Sexuality. Effecting all ethnic and socio-economic groups and ages—and calling the idea of gender into question all together— Identity Sexuality may create the greatest challenge of our day.

As politics have become our new civil religion, the conversation around sexuality, gender, and identity has become increasingly difficult. What has become explosive on the debate stage and the college campus is rarely talked about in the home. Parents don’t understand the conversation and don’t know what to say; and making the situation more difficult is how the conversation changes without notice and at a frenetic pace. Parents are lost, running from behind, and social media—specifically YouTube—is driving the ever-changing conversation.

What do we do?

As church has not always been a healthy or safe place to talk about such delicate and deeply personal matters, we begin a conversation with a healthy dose of humility, and we dig in. In this seminar, Lead Pastor Rev. Dr. D. Dean Weaver will offer a cultural diagnostic to help us understand where we are in this cultural moment and how we can apply Biblical truth to our ever-changing reality. Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles will not only come away with an understanding of why we are where we are, but also with practical steps we can take to live faithfully as we nurture our children in God’s revealed reality. This seminar will not do everything, but it will get the conversation started in a culturally contextual and Biblically pastoral way. Light refreshments will be available at the Café after the talk. We hope you will join us.

No RSVP needed. Please contact Martha Daniel with any questions by email or phone.

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Looking for a church home? We’d love to welcome you into our fellowship! While you don’t need to be a member of Memorial Park to participate in our many ministry, volunteer, and growth opportunities, or to receive pastoral care, we’d love to have you as a member of our community!

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