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Eurasia Missions

Mission Partners in Eurasia

Memorial Park is a missional-focused church, which means we are dedicated to coming alongside other Christian missionaries and non-profits to offer our help in supporting the work and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. While we offer financial support, we also have missions teams that personally travel to serve with our mission partners each year. Eurasia is just one of several areas across the globe where we support mission partners. We work together with these individuals and organizations to enrich the lives of those they touch.
Freedom Firm, Greg and Mala Malstead
Freedom Firm, India is dedicated to the liberation of children enslaved in commercial sexual exploitation, their rehabilitation, and to justice against those who have profited from their misery.

Currently, there are an estimated 500,000 minor girls in forced trafficking in India. These girls need counseling and a strong Christian support network to avoid returning to prostitution. Uneducated and often considered ineligible for marriage because of their sexual exploitation, rescued girls are in deperate need of basic education, medical care, and vocational training.

Freedom Firm deploys teams of undercover investigators who identify minor victims. With assistance from Freedom Firm, the police raid the brothels and rescue the girls who are then placed in protective custody or are reunited with their families *(if their families are safe). Freedom Firm works to bring accountability to police and court proceedings as charges are brought against the criminals. Freedom Firm supports the girl as she testifies against her perpetrators. The goal is to send traffickers and brothel keepers to jail, both to pay for their crimes and to act as a deterrent to those who buy and sell children. Freedom Firm walks alongside each victim through the recovery process, providing counselling, medical care, vocational training, and support in a variety of ways, long after rescue. Contact Freedom Firm.

AlongSideAsia, Dave and Cathy Hicks
Dave and Cathy coach, and encourage leaders of 15 indigenous Great Commission ministries and church networks in India, Nepal and Bhutan. Dave and Cathy's passion is that Jesus Christ might be increasingly known, loved and served throughout South Asia and the world.

Based in Atlanta, the Hicks travel frequently to South Asia. Some of their Indian partners include: Dr. K. and Pramila Rajendran, Freedom Firm, Hindustan Institute of Missions, North Bengal Outreach, Nepal Gospel Centre, and Malda Christian Fellowship. Contact Dave and Cathy Hicks.

Global Consultants and Missionary Care, K. and Pramila Rajendran
Dr. K. and Pramila Rajendran are mission partners who are building a Global Movement of Christians innovatively finding ways to share the Gospel in all areas of their societies. Pramila's ministry focuses on missionary care and well-being.

Based in Bangalore, India, the Rajendran’s live at the forefront of worldwide witness for Christ.Contact K. and Pramila Rajendran.
Frontiers teams are planting churches in 40 Muslim countries. The Frontiers vision is to send new teams to all the unengaged Muslim peoples of the world by the year 2025. More than 200 of these "unengaged" Muslim peoples live in North India, Pakistan, East Africa, the Arab Gulf, and the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Visit the Frontiers website.

Presbyterian Order for World Evangelism
Our mission partner, who remains anonymous, is the director of the Presbyterian Order for World Evangelism. Find out more about their vision and mission on their website.
ABWE, Rev. Ken and Carolyn Muckle
Ken and Carolyn work as Church Planters in Cabanillas del Campo in the province of Guadalajara, Spain. In cooperation with the La Elipa Church of Madrid, they have been mentoring and working as a team with Federico and Lucia Alvarex, a young Spanish couple who have graduated from the Sefovan Seminar where Ken has been a teacher for the last 13 years. The Muckles have 4 children: Joe, Hannah, Samuel, and Nathan. Contact ABWE.


Ethnos360  (formerly New Tribes Mission), Dave and Fran Jordan

Dave and Fran have been working among the Prai people of northern Thailand since 1979. At that time the Prai people were a remote animistic mountain people with no written language.  Today there are groups of Prai Christians in five villages in Thailand and in a number of other villages across the border in a limited access country.  Many have left their appeasement of evil spirits and put their trust in Christ.

By the end of 2019 the Prai combined Old Testament portions and New Testament will be at the printers.  There is a Prai scripture app with both audio and print as well as audio Bible lessons which can be added to as more material is available.  Ongoing evangelism and literacy efforts are taking place in the mountain villages by Prai coworkers, Dee and Shy as well as Lawa coworkers, Lian and Mali. 

Present needs are the continued equipping and training of Prai believers, and expanded Bible curriculum. Contact New Tribes Mission.

East Asia and Mekong Regions, Rev. Derek (Operations Manager) and Holly (Safe House Resident Manager)
For about 15 years, Rev. Derek has trained local leaders to start self-sustaining and self-reproducing churches among the least reached peoples in East and South East Asia. He also coaches a team of 40 missionaries doing the same. He collaborates with missiologists and other organizations to develop new innovative approaches, and has written a book on the subject, published through William Carey Library.

Holly serves victims of sex trafficking locally and in East Asia. She works alongside non-profit Living in Liberty, Pittsburgh's first and only safe ghouse for sex trafficked victims. She managers a team of dedicated volunteer staff for the 12-18 months residential living program providing holitstic care for women who are desperate for Christ's healing of body, mind, and spirit. Derek and Holly have two children: Cassandra and Alanna. Contact Rev. Derek and Holly.
This missionary is commissioned by the EPC to serve with United World Mission in unreached areas of China. The ministry goal is to establish self-reproducing churches across China. 

Budapest, Rev. Kevin Mason
Kevin is the Senior Director for Global Programs with visionSynergy (on loan from United World Mission). visionSynergy helps Christian orginazations work together for maximum impact by developing and strengthening strategic ministry networks and partnerships in critical areas of world mission. They play a unique role in the worldwide Christian movement as one of the few mission service organizations specifically dedicated to empowering ministry collaboration to accelerate progress of the gospel among the least reached peoples in the world. This means that the result of the relationships and programs he directs, disciple making movements and widespread church planting is taking place in areas where it is needed most.
Kevin and his wife, Wendy, have four children: Chelsea, Cameron, Caroline, and Chad.