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Summer Art Camp

Summer Art Camp for Preschoolers

Memorial Park Christian Preschool’s Summer Art Camps are more than just a creative place for your child to learn about art. We also incorporate music and stories, along with indoor and outdoor activities! Our camps are family-friendly, multi-age camps (with the exception of our 2 year-old camp) and are open to preschool aged students 2-5 years-old who turned 2 by September 1 or have successfully completed a 3, 4, or 5 year-old program.

Summer Art Camps generally have three available sessions, each a week long, and run from 9:00 a.m.—1:00 p.m. Campers are responsible for their own lunch and drink, but snacks will be provided. See below for descriptions of the camps offered last year.
Eric Carle for Twos
When reading stories by Eric Carle, you can be transported anywhere from your backyard to exotic jungles. We will use a variety of media and especially paint, which will be applied with brushes, fingers, and perhaps even toes! Join us for this special camp perfectly suited for twos.
Island Adventure!
We are going on a journey to visit islands all over our world.  We will follow our treasure maps to visit hot, cold, rainy and dangerous islands -- and even make our own island! You may happen to see a shark swimming in our preschool waters.  Come play and create in our own island adventure.

Hello Summer!
What makes summer time so much fun for children?  Play time, water activities, building friendships, learning new things to do and create.  Come for a week of fun projects and exciting activities to kick off and celebrate the beginning of Summer.  Thank you God for summer time fun!
Gifts of the Seasons!
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, God's to Thank -- He made them all!  What is your favorite season?  We will discover God's special gifts to us during each of the seasons of the year.  Come join the fun as we paint with salt, marbles and recycled soda bottles.  Each child will leave with a creation all their own!

Up and Away!
What do we see flying in the sky?  Balloons, clouds, airplanes, birds, kites, rocket ships and stars are all examples of the world we discover when we simply LOOK UP!  We will lean that when looking up, through a child's eyes, we can see God's creation.
In the Garden!
We are the gardeners!  Seeds, dirt, flowers, plants and art will fill up our week as we discover and explore the "art" of gardening.  Let's get ready to bloom as the children learn about God's goodness to us creating this beautiful world for a great purpose.