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MPCP - Enjoying our 25th year! 
 "you are the God who sees me"

Genesis 16:13


We are delighted to honor and celebrate twelve years of partnership with Mrs. Heidi Gillespie, a staff member in 3 of our classes. We pray over her as she gets ready for her family's move to North Carolina – she will be greatly missed! We look forward to hearing about God’s provision for her through this move. We welcome Mrs. Emily Willard to take on the responsibilities Mrs. Gillespie shouldered. Mrs. Willard was in the classroom from day one and continues to learn all of the “ins and outs” of being a staff member. It is with grateful hearts that we fold Mrs. Willard into our preschool community!


What Real People Are Saying About MPCP

Have you ever wondered what real people have to say about the Memorial Park Christian Preschool? Here’s a chance for you to listen to two different parents and their impressions of our preschool, along with ways that their families may have been impacted. Just click and listen!

Sharon Moran

Kristin Brown

2017-2018 Academic Year

Currently, online registration is open for 2017-2018 school year in all programs of the Memorial Park Christian Preschool.  You can click the link on the right side of the page to register and pay your registration fee all from home (or wherever!). Confirmation of your space(s) will come a few days later.

You’ll check one of the boxes provided to start the process, with the following as choices: current preschool family, returning preschool family (means that you’ve had a child registered with us in a year prior or so, but not currently), MPC family, or community family. As part of the process you will indicate both a first and second choice for each child. Also, you will complete the simple process for each child being registered, though only one registration fee per family is needed. Some classes require a teacher recommendation and those will be marked as such.

Questions can be called into the preschool office (412.366.8201) as well as requests for a tour. We look forward to including your family in our preschool community!

Extended Session (lunch bunch) – a gem in disguise!

Children (and parents alike!) often enjoy the optional extended session that we are able to offer on Mondays and Tuesdays. For extended session your child may bring a lunch and stay for an extended time of socialization in a lightly structured preschool environment. It is open to all children enrolled as MPCP students who are toilet trained. A fee is charged for each child in attendance.

To register your child, you can include your need for this service when you return your annual paperwork in June OR you can call the preschool office (412.366.8201) and ask that your child’s name be placed on the list for a specific day. Space is limited to 16 participants on each day. Registration is usually completed by noon the Friday prior, but sometimes a space can open up the morning of extended session.

Staffing is determined on Friday afternoon and we commit to you that there will be appropriate staffing based on the number of children signed up. If your child is on the master list to stay each week and your plans change for a particular week, please call the office prior to noon the Friday prior so that you will not be charged.

A Ministry Dedicated to Learning and Loving

The mission of the Memorial Park Christian Preschool is, with God’s guidance and love, to support the community of children and their families by strengthening the spirit, enriching the mind, and developing the social, educational, and physical potential of each child in a safe, nurturing Christian environment

In 1993 the Outreach Committee of Memorial Park Church had a vision for a Christian preschool which opened its doors in September of that year with 41 students, 4 staff and 3 classes. Today there are 171 students and 22 staff. The preschool’s outreach to the community has been a blessing, as more than 80% of the students come from families who are not members of Memorial Park. The preschool often has a dozen or more children who have limited English proficiency, whose homelands include China, South Korea, Portugal, India, Honduras, Japan, Pakistan and Russia. The staff members share the children’s joy as they learn new words in English and increase their ability to communicate.

From the very beginning until today, Memorial Park Christian Preschool is committed to providing a uniquely Christian perspective to early childhood education. Academics and social skills, though very important, are always taught with a Christian perspective.

Jan Moreth, Director

Jan is currently serving her 25th year as director!

 She is married to husband Brian for the past 48 years and has two grown daughters.  Jan is happy to play an important role in the lives of her 6 granddaughters and one grandson.

jmoreth@memorialparkchurch.org 412-366-8201

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Our Preschool Area


There are five brightly colored classrooms (4 large and 1 smaller room for 2's). We also have a spacious resource room and staff office. Other storage areas are configured for easy access to classroom materials. An additional staff room is used for parent conferences and other meetings. It is a joy to be at home in facilities that are updated and ready to welcome children. 


The preschool area is served by 3 doors, 2 of which lead to the exterior and the daily car pool line.  Children will arrive and leave via these exterior doors.  Outside support personnel and parents will enter through the main church doors into the narthex and bear to the right, arriving at the interior locked preschool entrance.  Pressing the chime to the left of that door will alert preschool personnel that someone has arrived at that door.  Of course, calling the preschool office (412.366.8201) in the event of an emergency pick-up is important to gain admission.  

The History of MPCP

The initial vision of a Christian preschool came from the Outreach and Evangelism committee of Memorial Park Church. As the idea gained momentum in 1992, a group of MPC members and then Senior Pastor, Doug Pratt began to explore the development and subsequently lay the foundation for what is now the Memorial Park Christian Preschool.

None of the early committee members could ever have imagined the exponential growth that would occur here in the North Hills. In September 1993, the original staff of four women loved and taught three classes during the first year. Today we have not moved from the original intentions of those founding members, but we do so with a staff of 22 and 171 children in 14 different programs! The ongoing desire to be a strong Christian preschool that offers a dynamic and excellent educational foundation for children remains intact. Our outreach into the community has been particularly uplifting; at present more than 80% of our student population come from families who are not members of MPC. Additionally, our students speak a variety of languages in their home environments. We are a wonderful composite of God’s children!

Scholarship Fund

A number of years ago the Preschool Board established a Scholarship Fund for those whose financial situations may have prevented their children from enrolling in this preschool or for those who encounter temporary hardships (due to job loss, unexpected emergency medical bills, etc.) It was a leap of faith to think that some would give specifically for this fund, but God continues to bless this outreach. You might choose to enhance an experience for a child as well and the method is simple. Your check would be made payable to Memorial Park Church and the memo line would designate “Preschool Scholarship Fund”.

Life brings unexpected challenges to all of us. The scholarship fund exists to come alongside those families who experience a dramatic change in finances. A loss of a job as a breadwinner could translate into lack of schooling for a young child. The message of the gospel should not be limited by a family’s lack of finances, nor should a child be denied the life-changing experience of hearing and knowing of God’s specific love for him or her.

We greatly appreciate the support of any/all who contribute regularly or on a once-a-year basis to this account. A child who later makes a statement of faith and lives that out is a great reward for monies in this account. The opportunity is yours to give a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year and in many years to come. Consider the number of children whose lives have been strengthened just in the past 5 years!

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