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Your Generosity Changes Lives, Near and Far

Read more on the Biblical Principles on Finances and Giving HERE. 

Simple, secure online giving. Contribute a one-time gift or set up a recurring tithe with just a few clicks. Your generosity changes lives within our church, in our community, and across the globe. Through your contrubutions, we can invite more people into a life-changing and ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ through our church programming, outreach opportunities, and missionary support. We thank you for your generosity!

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Looking for another way to give? You can also give in the offering basket at services each weekend, by logging into your MPC Connect account here, or by mailing your contribution to us at 8800 Peebles Road, Allison Park, PA 15101.
Memorial Park Church is a non-profit corporation, completely dependent on the gifts of members and supporters. Our ministry is sustained by weekly voluntary offerings. Many people who give regularly to our church find that doing so electronically is a convenient option, especially during times when they cannot attend worship. Electronic giving also helps the church predict its income so that the ministry and mission of the church can be better planned.

The church presents its budget for the coming year at its annual Congregational Meeting in August. All members are also asked to prayerfully consider the Biblical call to God’s people to tithe (give one-tenth of their income) to support the Lord’s work. Members are given an opportunity to express their faith commitment to supporting Memorial Park’s ministry by promising to give a portion of their income.

Offering envelopes are available every year for each church family in order to guarantee confidentiality and the proper accounting for each contribution. Additional envelopes may be found in the pew racks or obtained at the Welcome Center desk. Use of these envelopes is not required but they may be used to identify yourself when making cash contributions, in order to receive appropriate tax credit, or to specify donations for designated purposes. If you contribute by check without a giving envelope, we will use the information on your check to assign credit for the donation.

Our Annual Report is available each August to members, giving an account of all personnel costs, administrative expenses, missions giving, and program expenses for the previous year.

If you wish to express your commitment to Christ in a tangible way by agreeing to support Memorial Park financially, or have any questions about the church’s budget, financial procedures or your own giving receipts, please contact Catherine Pavlock, Executive Director of Operations.
If you are a member of the MPC family, you can set-up online giving through MPC Connect. Now you don’t have to worry about remembering your check or catching up on weeks when you’re out of town. Just log-in and click on the Give tab in the left hand menu to schedule a one-time or recurring gift. And you have complete control—you will be able to modify or halt recurring transactions any time you desire. You can even use your credit or debit card, although we ask regular givers to set-up an ACH transaction from your checking account because the fees for the church are lower. And if you do use a card, please consider adding 3% to cover the fee. To designate giving for an account that is not listed, contact Cathy Pavlock, and we can add it for you.

If you are not a member of MPC, or do not wish to use MPC Connect, you can still make a contribution here.
Looking for your giving statement? Log in to MPC Connect or contact Catherine Pavlock via e-mail
The Memorial Park Church Annual Report is issued once a year in August.

August 2022: 2021-2022 Annual Report >>
August 2021: 2020-2021 Annual Report >>
August 2020: 2019-2020 Annual Report >>
August 2019: 2018-2019 Annual Report >>
Often times when local or global situations arise, we will respond by forming or contributing to a fund that will benefit a specific organization or area. At the moment, we are accepting sacrificial gifts above and beyond the tithe for the EPC's Disaster Relief fund, which is assisting citizens of Ukraine. 

All funds that we collect will be channeled through the EPC World Outreach. Currently there are four strategic and trusted ways to deploying funds:

Supporting Poland/Ukraine response
World Outreach International Theological Education Network Director Bruce Anderson coordinating with long-time trusted ministry partner on the ground, Jaroslaw Lukask in Lublin, Poland. The funds would support threefold efforts:
  • Supplying the work of Christian chaplains to operate within Ukraine bringing medicines, medical supplies, and other personal supplies and gospel ministry to soldiers throughout Ukraine. These chaplains also need helmets and vests (but no weapons).
  • Funds would also help the evacuation of disadvantaged people who are at risk in Ukraine.
  • They would help provide for the needs of food, clothing, housing arrangements, and other necessities of refugees coming to Lublin.
Basic needs for receiving refugees in Hungary
World Outreach Workers Chris and Debbie Gibson live in Hungary and are already housing two families who have fled Ukraine. Opportunities to help other families increase by the moment.

Assisting refugee ministry in the Czech Republic
Ministry partner to Cedar Springs EPC Church, James Berry, is involved with ministry to refugees in Prague. He is flying to Prague tomorrow to assess the situation first hand. Ministry teams are responding to an absence of any organization as busloads of Ukrainians are dropped off at stations with nowhere to go to provide shelter and basic needs.

Assistance for Engage 2025 Presbytery of the East effort in the North Caucasus Region (Russia)
Russian and Ukrainian church planters. On the ground team leaders, Andre and Albina. US Contact, Nancy Cimprich (Currently this fourth option is on hold as funds cannot be received at this time.)