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Mission Partners

At Memorial Park, we support 16 Regional Partnerships, 8 Partnerships in the Americas, 4 Partnerships in Africa, and 11 Partnerships in Europe and Asia. With each of our mission partners, we strive to provide spiritual, financial, and physical support through prayer groups, fundraising, and mission trips. Memorial Park's Missions key objectives are to help our congregation act as missionaries in every day like while also helping other missionaries on a local, regional, and global basis. This alignment ties into the mission of Memorial Park: to invite people into a life-changing, ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Throughout the year, we strive to connect our congregation and missionaries in several ways:

Informing our MPC members and friends about our mission partners through videos, updates, luncheons, and more.
Connecting our congregation with other missionaries through coordinating missionary visits and mission trips.
Praying for our mission partners as part of the Missions Prayer Team. Sign up below!
Equipping our missionaries by managing the mission budget. See our 2020-2021 budget here.
Coordinating local, regional, or global mission activities. See the latest on mission trips below, or click here to learn more about outreach.

Mission Trips

We have a long history of serving with our mission partners in the mission field. Some of our teams have served in Mexico, Honduras, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and India. Each year we send missions teams during the summer months to select missions partners. As details become available for our upcoming mission trips, we will make them available here.

Mission Prayer Team

One aspect of support we offer our mission partners is prayer. We are in constant contact with our missions partners, and as we receive letters and prayer requests, we send them to our Misson Prayer Team. If you're interested in becoming part of our Mission Prayer Team, sign up here.

Get Involved

We hope you will consider getting involved in MPC missions that will enable you to grow in your relationship with Jesus. Being involved will not only allow you to be part of what God is doing through MPC missions, but will also give you an opportunity for sharing in the joy of people coming to know Jesus through building relationships with God's people, and seeing God move in miraculous ways.

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2020 Holiday Missions Offering

Oral Bible Story Project Team

God has led Dr Luis Hurtado and a multi-generational team in three villages to craft Oral Bible Stories to effectively spread the gospel to the Xi’iuy people in El Huizachal, in the north central mountains of Mexico in partner ship with the Seed Co. (a Wycliff Bible Translators Affiliate)

This is an oral culture, meaning most of the people do not read or write. The spoken word holds much weight and these carefully crafted stories can be remembered and shared with others anywhere.

Please pray and support this OBS Project to reach the Xi’iuy people with these Oral Bible Stories that share the good news of God’s love for them through Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for your prayers and your gifts!

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Designation: Holiday Mission Offering

Click HERE to see Dr. Luis Hurtado introducing the OBS team.