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Little Explorers Camp

Little Explorers Camp for Preschoolers

Memorial Park Christian Preschool’s Little Explorer Summer Camps are a creative place where your child can have fun exploring new concepts and ideas. Through a variety of activities, children will learn, play, and experience different adventures as they discover new ideas through each weekly theme. Our 2 year old camps are for MPCP students currently enrolled in our 2 year old classes. Our other camps are open to preschoolers ages 3-5 who have successfully completed a 3, 4, or 5 year old program.

Camp Details:
Cost: $105/week for 5-day camps & $84 for 4-day camps
Time:  9:00 AM-12:00 PM.  (Children will not stay for lunch).
Class Sizes follow our COVID guidelines: 14 students for ages 3-5; 8 students in the 2-year-old camp

Online Registration Begins Monday, March 14 at 7:00 AM.
Priority will be given to current Memorial Park Christian Preschool families, after which registrations will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis.
Eric Carle for Twos (For 2-year-olds only)
When reading stories by Eric Carle, you can be transported anywhere from your backyard to exotic jungles. We will use a variety of media and especially paint, which will be applied with brushes, fingers, and perhaps even toes! Join us for this special camp perfectly suited for twos.
Dino Days with Mrs. O’Brien
What was a day like in the life of a dinosaur? It was most likely exciting and dangerous! Explore life as a dinosaur, discover how scientist study them, and then become a dinosaur yourself.

Animal Camp with Mrs. Willard
Children love animals! From the tiniest to the biggest. Our campers will learn about animals that make their habitat in the: zoo, farm, jungle, ocean, pond, and even our homes! So much to learn about animals that God made for us to enjoy!
Teddy Bear Camp with Mrs. Willard
Bears! Bears! Bears! We will learn about bears, host a teddy bear picnic, act out The Three Bears, and have special bear activities, including an end of the week awards day!

Sweet Science with Mrs. O’Brien
Like Candy? Like fun experiments? Come and learn about chromatography with M&M’s. Make your own rock candy by growing sugar crystals. Find out the secret of pop rocks, plus skittles, mentos, gummies, and more!
Seusscapades with Mrs. O’Brien
Have a new adventure each day within a Dr. Seuss book. Race with green eggs and ham, make Truffula trees, wear a hat like the cat, find the wocket in your pocket. “From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere,” and we will find them with Dr. Suess.

Hello Summer with Mrs. Willard
What makes summertime so much fun for children: play time, water activities, building friendships, learning new things to do and create! Let’s celebrate summer together. Thank you, God, for summertime fun!

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