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Memorial Park Church News

Memorial Park Church News

Welcome to Memorial Park Church News! Down below new articles will posted reguarly to keep everyone up to date about what is going in the church and the community around. Check back for feature stories and news stories as the year goes on! 


Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Why do bad things happen to good people? We've all heard this question and perhaps we've asked it ourselves. This blog post dives into the Biblical narrative and explores why bad things happen to good people.

Who is Jesus?

In this month's blog, we're going to talk about Jesus's three different offices and one divine goal: Prophet, Priest, King, and Savior. Read more

The Trinity: God the Holy Spirit

Light on the mountains
Read more

The Trinity: God the Son

Jesus lends a hand
The second post in our Trinity series talks about the role of God the Son (Jesus) in the Holy Trinity. Read more